Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our Forgotten History of Earth & Mankind

I believe this is closest to the truth than most of what I have seen so far. I have read many books and seen many documentaries & lectures on ancient history. If you begin to research you will find many things which don't add up the way history has been portrayed to us. Our DNA as cromagman goes back to over 60,000 years...but modern civilization only began some 11 thousand years B.C. Is there a part of our past forgotten?

Part 1: The Beginning

Part 2: Lemuria
The blond haired people mentioned in this part is the same race that Hitler believed that was the superior race. The Nazi's believed they were descendants of this great race....

Also, text that date back to 7 thousand years B.C. speak of great civilizations that existed some 13 to 15 thousand years ago. These great civilizations had great technology and destroyed each other with weapons that burned the flesh off of bones. Weapons that made all life infected and sick days after the initial weapons were used. The text are from India. There are many text from that time that speak of such wars among great civilizations.

Let us also remember that the bible mentions giants who lived on the earth...

Part 3: Atlantis
The BBC has had 5 documentaries about Atlantis. Each one is hell bent on disproving this legend. I always questioned why the BBC was so one sided when it comes to the subject of Atlantis.

We must ask there a great cycle that is so vicious and large that we forget and are doomed to repeat it over & over till someone tells us the truth?