Friday, April 25, 2008

God Damn America

I am amazed at the media in this country. How they seem to act shocked or puzzled when they hear Americans use terms such as "God damn America" or "America has blood on it hands". The media actually acts as if there is no blood on America's hands. That this country is perfect and never makes mistakes. How can they be so out of touch?

Letting your own people die do to natural disasters or man made disasters to me is having blood on your hands.

Bombing and killing civilians in war time as we have to over hundreds of thousand of Iraqis, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans and the countless other countries we have invaded is having blood on your hands.

Allowing your own peoples economy to crash killing the middle class and creating 2 classes of people is having blood on your hands.

Telling your own people they are free but then you spy on them is like having blood on your hands.

I think you get the idea. America is anything but perfect. I am saddened that we live in this society that accepts our country as the greatest. What is so great about poverty, war, greed? That is the true face of America, just no one wants to accept it.

I really believe we are dammed. Look around and ask yourself how secure you think you really are. How soon could all we know become chaos? Food prices are still rising..........housing market down.....dollar at all time it karma.....

If we live in a free society, why cannot Rev Wright or I say God Damn America? That is not our right? O, we must act as sheep and be blind and accept truth for as it is told, not as it is? Accept the false face of America. The perfect country that does no wrong?

No.....God Damn America.......till America fixes its wrongs not only in the world but to it's own people.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why Music Gives Us the Chills

By Corey Binns, Special to LiveScience

For a willing music audience, the art of drawing emotion from notes is classic.

Composers play with subtle, intricate changes and rates of change to try and elicit emotion. In recent studies, scientists found that people already familiar with the music are more likely to catch a chill at key moments:

  • When a symphony turns from loud to quiet
  • Upon entry of a solo voice or instrument
  • When two singers have contrasting voices

People covered in goose bumps also tend to be driven more by rewards, and less inclined to be thrill- and adventure-seekers, according to research conducted at the Institute for Music Physiology and Musicians’ Medicine in Hanover, Germany.

"Our results suggest that chills depend very much on our ability to interpret the music," said Oliver Grewe, a biologist and musicologist at the institute. "Music is a recreative activity. Even if it is relaxing to listen to, the listener has to recreate its meaning, the feelings it expresses. It is the listener who gives life to the emotions in music."

The researchers' latest findings are currently being reviewed for journal publication, while their previous research has been published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Music can do more than just give you goose bumps. A melody can:

  • Ease labor pain
  • Reduce the need for sedation during surgery
  • Evoke strong memories
  • Lessen depression
  • Listening to your favorite hits can shift your breathing pattern and speed up your heart rate.

Shivers down the spine even show up in brain scans, according to research at McGill University. As chills grow in intensity, bloodflow increases between areas of the brain associated with euphoria-inducing vices like food, sex, and drugs.

In the near future, the German research team plans to further study the central nervous system's reactions to music that gives fans the chills.