Friday, October 03, 2008

Why is Everything Paid for with Credit???

This is a great question and I do not mean just for consumers. I am speaking about local governments and the federal government. I am talking about businesses who use credit, not for things that may help the business grow, but for payroll. I may be a bit uneducated in business, but from what I understand, you cannot hire anyone unless you are making profits. Ain't that Business 101?

This is why the entire country is in a crunch. We pay for everything on credit. Then wonder why the bubble is about to burst.

I am just outraged at the ignorance. Even in a time when we all know that credit is the problem, governments are asking the people for loans. More money being given out on "credit". That cannot fix anything!

California wants to borrow money from the Federal Government. Arnold says that his state cannot get credit to handle payroll. Payroll? You are paying state employees with credit? WTF? That just seems so stupid to me.

The Bailout, which is just fascism in fancy legislation, will take over a trillion dollars of your money and give it to the big corporations who were the main cause of the economic crisis. The same ones who gave us this system of "credit" that is now causing what some are calling an "Economic Pearl Harbor". But who is the enemy attacking us?

Now where do you think the Federal Government will get all this money? That money will come from your taxes. You will foot the bill as you always do.

This country was formed because England would tax the people here without representation. This is now happening today. I believe in taxes when they go for things that matter. Sending billions to other countries while levees break in your own country is not proper spending of the people's money.

This is exactly why I refuse to support such a system that will take trillions from the people and then spend that money on things that have nothing to do with our current society as a whole. Addressing the problems within our own infrastructure should come first. We waste billions of dollars and it must stop. Even in this bailout bill, we have millions if not billions in earmarks. Earmarks that have NOTHING to do with the current economic crisis. Earmarks that you the tax payer will pay!

They have money for war, wooden arrows, NASCAR, rum, & Wall Street, but we never have money for health care, levees, bridges, & education. As they cut funding to essential programs, they inflate our military budget more and more...

Money, money, money...I hope it has been worth it...

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