Friday, December 26, 2008

Shooting of a 3 Year Old Happens Underneath a Crime Cam

Not one suspect and it happened under a crime camera? Then why are you invading people's privacy for safety when you can't even keep these people safe?

A single shell casing remained on the ground this morning at the scene of a Christmas night shooting in the 3800 block of Annunciation Street.

Police say shortly before 9 p.m., between 5 and 10 young men shot into a car in the parking lot of an apartment complex run by the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

A three-year-old boy in the car with his grandmother, aunt and uncle was the only one wounded in the attack.

His cousin who did not to give his name, the toddler is expected to make a full recovery.

"He's doing all right. He got hit in the arm and it came out and grazed him on the chest."

A neighbor says the little boy lives with his extended family in an upstairs apartment. She called the shooting is upsetting and scary. "It could have been a visitor coming to see me. We really don't know what to do."

Joe LaPrieur lives down the street and says he heard six gunshots. "Them boys, man, I'm going to tell you the truth, bro, they got a lot of drugs around here, man," said LaPrieur. "I'm just sick of this place, man."

The shooting happened right underneath one of the much maligned city crime cameras. According to the NOPD, the camera just happened to be pointed in the complete opposition direction. Neighbors aren't surprised.

"(Criminals) don't worry about that crime camera, man," said LaPrieur.

"What good is it to be pointed in that direction when crime and the people that frequent here, hangs in this block," said the other neighbor. "This is basically a project. This could be considered a project. It's just two apartment buildings."

The gunmen ran off after the shooting. Right now, police have few leads and no suspects. They're not sure if any of the three adults in the car was the intended target.

The wounded little boy was last listed in good condition at Children Hospital.

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