Wednesday, February 04, 2009

4 Red Bull's May Have Killed Student on Dance Floor

But weed is still illegal? You can buy these drinks over the counter and they are killing people. We are such hypocrites. If it is a "speed based" drug, it is legal. They don't want lazy stoners. They rather hyped up on speed slaves to get more done, to make them more money.

Wake the fuck up!

A student who died on a nightclub dancefloor in front of friends suffered a heart condition that may have been triggered by caffeine in the Red Bull she had been drinking, an inquest heard.

Chloe Leach, 21, had drank around four cans of the energy drink and several VKs - a vodka based drink which also contains caffeine - when she suddenly fell to the floor in the Sugarmill club in Hull, East Yorks., on September 30 last year.

Miss Leach, a third-year social work student, of Cottingham, East Yorks., died at the scene despite efforts from staff and paramedics to revive her.

A doctor told the inquest into her death on Monday that it may have been caused by the caffeine triggering a rare heart condition.

It was thought initially that her drink had been spiked but the theory was rebutted by a medical expert at the hearing.

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