Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gays vs Pot Heads

I am not one to judge another group of people. So please do not take this post wrong. I do not agree with the gay life style. I think it is gross, but that is my opinion. It gives me no right to tell homosexuals how to live though. I believe they deserve equal rights like everyone else.

Now what I find disturbing though is state after state is legalizing same sex marriages, but marijuana is still illegal. What is the message there? It is ok to take a dick in your ass but not smoke weed?

I hear so much about morals about the legalization issue and the message we would send to our children. I just feel that there is plenty of messages we send to our children that we never ever think twice about.

I never understood how in a free country, we pick and choose just like Christians do from the bible on what we feel is politically correct at that given time.

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