Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know in Afghanistan, if a woman withholds sex, it is legal for the husband to starve the wife till she gives in to his sexual needs?

Real law!

The current president who we helped get into office there is the one who made the bill law.

Is that the freedom we are spreading? Oppression? Makes ya feel all Patriotic, huh? Knowing your hard earned tax dollars are helping men in another country basically rape women when ever they want or they punish the women by not feeding them. That is so much of a better use of our tax dollars than healthcare....

In America they will lock you up if you dont feed your dog!

Think about it.................

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Anonymous said...

Afghanistan is a big stinkhole beyond hope and we need not be there. it is a good example of what happens in a land where religion rules all. Americans have given billions of dollars in aid to Afghanistan and for what? The average life expectancy is still 40 years of age, Americans are still getting killed left and right, and 1 out o4 children die right after birth. What a waste. If we could have just spend that money to issues we have at home.