Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is a Free Market

Why in a free market, as long as profits feed the greed, the market is allowed to prosper? But once the market begins to wobble, socialism and fascism raises it's head and we expect the tax payer to foot the bill of the mistakes of the most powerful and rich corporations in this country?

Think about it...

This is America. We are a resilient & proud people. I do not think this will kill our nation. If anything it may be the reset of power that we may have been needing.

I do not believe our complex economy will come crashing down. I do believe if you live or run your business on credit, you will feel this. Maybe this is a good thing and will teach people to not live beyond their means.

Regular people who do not depend on credit to run their lives will be fine. It is the credit market that is suffering. The credit industry who pushed this "credit" on Americans are modern day loan sharks. That is all they are.

Look what they did when the chips were down. They threatened you by collapsing your economy if you did not give them the power and money they wanted. They resorted to the tactic that always aides them in getting what they want, fear mongering.

The fear mongering is even continuing today, even though stocks are up almost 200 points. bush came on television to scare the American people by saying "the failure of Congress to act will be painful and lasting". More fear mongering.

Bush is the only President in history, that when things look gloomy, he begins to scream, "THE SKY IS FALLING!".

Did we not learn the moral of the story of chicken little?

When you are in debt, the person you owe runs you till you repay your debt. They have taken this basic philosophy and tried to apply it to a much bigger scale. Why do most Americans work? Is it to live or to repay the debt they owe?

America does not need Wall Street. We have been fooled into believing how rich people live affects the poor people of this country. That the well being of the rich must be taken care of so that the poor can get the benefits of "trickle down economics".

When the money goes from tax payers back to the corporations in the form of a bail out or loans, is this not "trickle up economics"? And how does this benefit the tax payer? It does not. If anything, not only do these big corporations expect you to buy their "shiny stuff", but they also expect you to give them money for loans or a bail out when their business suffers because of their mistakes.

Seems to me that the rich corporations should deal with their own problems. I do not see any corporation stepping up and supplying the people with things they need like health care.

Wake up America.....big business rips you off!

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