Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Do Poor People Foot the Bill for the Rich?

I was looking at search terms being used in search engines to find my blog. One term caught my eye. The search term was "Why should I bail out these rich fucks out".

This is an excellent question. Have any of these companies ever gave the people of this country 700 billion dollars? When your mortgage is outstanding, is these corporations jumping in to help you keep your home?

So why is the bill for this bail out going to be on the backs of the American people? From what I understand, this is a worldwide problem and our country is rescuing the world corporations. They are not only rescuing American corporations, but International also.

Why is not the rest of the world gonna pay up?

Americans need to take our country back. This is not what our forefathers intended. President Bush wants to give the Treasury a blank check for 700 billion dollars of your money! The bill is being pushed without public scrutiny. They want it passed through now, not tomorrow.

The implications of this bail out will be felt for decades to come for the American people and we have no say about it. Welcome to the New America where you are the slave and you will work and pay your taxes so rich people can get richer. I guess that people will not rise up till it is too late. Once there is no food to buy, then maybe your hungry selves will open those eyes that have been glued shut with the delusion we call the American dream.

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