Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Obama Conspiracy

The first African American president, who went to a church where it was taught by pastors that America is about the dream being for whites only, is now helping the Angolan NWO Agenda.

This is the newest claim coming from the ones who claim that all Americans will end up in FEMA concentration camps where we will be gassed and put to death.

With the election of Obama, the whole conspiracy theory about the Bush family turning America into a police state for their own NWO agenda, now has many holes in it. The democracy of America worked. Something the theorists were not counting on. So they have now made this wild claim, that a man shaped by the ideals of the 60's, is going to go against everything he believes in for the agenda of the white man of world domination.

What a bunch of fuckin' morons.....

I do admit, the Bush administration had me wondering if they had an agenda, but I knew it was only about profit. That is all it ever is about in this country...

I find it amazing these CTer's just can't realize that maybe they are nothing more than paranoid freaks who need a hobby or maybe medication.

I have said it before, Alex Jones is a snake oil salesman and if you follow him or others like him, they may end up getting you in trouble over nothing.

I just wanted to share this info I stumbled upon. I thought it was pretty funny how now that Bush is on the way out, that the CTer's story had to so vastly change that now it don't even make any sense.

Our Government ain't perfect and it fucks up a lot! Big business is allowed to guide our law makers into making laws that benefit them. Yes, we do have major issues we must address. But this country has one thing no other does....freedom.

It is why these people are allowed to spread such bs. They have freedom of speech. It is ironic that the same rights they claim we do not have, they abuse to spread their own agenda. Which for me, I cannot figure out. The only conclusion I can come up with is........profit of course! Alex Jones don't give his DVD's of "truth" away. He sells them babies. He is also paid by a broadcasting company to do his radio show. has great many benefits but also many distractions. As with all things, it is up to you to use discernment and find the correct balance.

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