Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rich Get Off While the Poor Do Time & Lose Rights

In 1989 I was convicted of felony possession of pot. I have no right to carry a gun or even vote.

Ted Stevens, an Alaskan Senator , has been convicted of 7 Felony counts. He will lose no rights. As a matter of fact, the Government will pay him 150 thousand dollars a year for his pension.

The best part, the longer he is alive, the more the pension will grow.

So if you are rich and a politician, you can be convicted of multiple felonies and still collect from tax payers? If you are a regular person like me and get caught with 2 oz of pot, they lock you up and take your rights.....

This disgusts me beyond belief. How is this even possible in a free country where all of us are to be treated equal? How is this equal at all? It is clearly one rule for one kind and another rule for others! How is this "justice"? This teaches if you truly want to be a criminal and get away with it, to become a politician or civil servant that has money & power.

The ethnics reform that has been passed recently has many loop holes and does not bring any true reform. It is mind blowing to me how the rich & powerful are treated different than those without money & power.

Then we wonder why this nation is failing?

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