Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fox & Republicans are Morons!

Hypocrites...I cannot stand most Republicans just for this reason...believing you are the only ones with the "right way" is a very ignorant and narrow way to think.


Eric M. Armstrong said...

The insanity on the right is unfathomable. I used to just think republicans were idiots, but that's not strong enough anymore. They are literally insane.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate much. In fact I'm a very peaceful person. But I absolutely HATE Fox news and their fear mongering and secondly I'm beginning to hate the stupid Republicans for not having their own brains and being such lemmings. All they do is hate. They are a bunch of haters. What the hell, democrats are being called communists and socialists? GOOD GAWD Y'ALL. Who are these fools?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have taken partisan politics to a new extreme. It's scary, the ranting vile hatred they spread. They don't even care about America anymore, they only care about the party agenda.