Friday, March 06, 2009

The Flinstones, Cigarettes & the Economy

Those were the times? Cartoons telling us how cool it is to smoke!

Yesterday cigarettes went up an entire dollar per pack here in Louisiana. Why in a supposed time of economic crisis would they isolate one group of people and then tax those people to death?

It is no surprise that most of your smokers are low income families. You think the Government does not know this?

When the Government found out that the cigarette companies had been making cigarettes highly addictive, what did they do? Did they step in to rescue the citizens from the addiction? No, they taxed the crap out of them and told the cigarette companies and the citizens, "It is ok to kill people and make people addicted as long as we get our cut."

This is why I have no sympathy for their failing companies right now. I hope the entire system collapses. It will not affect me even though they want me to "think" it will.

When I see on the news that the Dow has slipped another 500 points, I myself shake my head and then think how horrible that is. But why? I own no stock. I have not even felt this recession really. The reason is b/c we are programmed to think it is important to us.

Now don't get me wrong, there is some of you that have money invested in the form of retirement plans like 401k. This does affect you. if you though have no connection to the market, you have no reason for this to worry you.

It is the end of mega corps and big business. It is time to support local talents and independent freelancers. Those are the real people in this country that move the economy. Not Wall Street. Do not believe the hype.

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