Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks to the American Government

Hillary Clinton recently stated that America shares responsibility for what is happening in Mexico due to our "failed drug policies". These failed policies have allowed the current conflicts on the border to become a reality of everyday life for those who live there. These same policies have enabled the growth of these Drug Cartels to what they are now.

The issue is that America is the biggest consumer of drugs on the planet. That is hard to believe since we have had a "War on Drugs" for more than 20 years.

After watching the town meeting that was via the Internet, I now know that they have no plans to stop persecuting people for using a plant that grows naturally. They actually laughed at the highly voted question. Even though decriminalization would help stop some of the violence at the border.

As Chris Rock said, they do not want you doing your drugs, they want you doing their drugs.........

But they will shove another pill down ya throat. "Do you have this symptom? Take this if you have this." It is ok for you to take their synthetic drugs that kill people. Drugs that are suppose to stop things, but cause the same things it is supposed to be stopping. What kind of logic is that? You are not suppose to make worse what you are taking medicine for when you take said medicine. It is not rocket science.

This country is one big hypocritical lie. We are not a country where you can achieve your dreams. It is a country where only through extreme sacrifice will you may have a chance at those dreams. It is a country that tries to preach morals about sex and drugs, but then sell these things to our children. A country that says no to drugs, but then deals over priced & taxed cigarettes to the people.

We live in a country that has convinced people to invest their life savings in the stock market and then allow this market to fail, taking those life savings from the people. Then turns around and takes tax payers hard working money and uses it to bail out these mega corporations who created the failure on Wall Street that took the peoples life savings in the first place. So not only did they get your life savings, but you are now in debt to the bankers of this country for the next 20 years.

His next big idea is for the government to use tax payer money to help investors and banks to take on these toxic loans. The deal though is a bit shady. If a loan is 100 dollars, it can be sold for 88 dollars. The investor will pay 6 bucks. The Treasury will throw in 6 bucks. The tax payer will foot the remainder of what is left. If this loan is paid in full, the profit will go to the private investor, but now if this loan defaults, it is the tax payer left holding the bill to pay. So the tax payer is screwed any way it goes. Now imagine billions in these loans going belly up. Obama's plan will bankrupt America once and for all.

Thanks American Government for looking out for the little man.

I am disgusted anymore. I love this nation and the people in it of all races. It is the diversity of America that makes us Americans & one of the greatest countries to live in. But what they are doing to the people of this nation is just sad. I am so afraid that America's future can be seen if you just go to the border and take a peek over into Mexico...


Primerica said...

"Drugs that are suppose to stop things, but cause the same things it is supposed to be stopping."

May I ask for an example? You mean like drugs in hospitals? Because I'm pretty sure those don't really make you worse. And show me another country in the whole world that doesn't fight against drug selling.

Take care, Lorne

Dan the Man said...

No, there is a drug for asthma and in some cases makes the person have worse asthma attacks than if they didnt. the medicine is for asthma. it should not make it worse.....just watch a drug commercial....listen to what they say! In some cases death??? fuck them. I smoke weed......