Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mandating Health Insurance?

The American people are about to be scammed for the medical insurance industry. If they mandate insurance for all Americans, it will be the law that you buy insurance. How in a "free" society can they mandate that you pay a company for a service?

This is nothing more than a scam to make the insurance companies money. Imagine all the new clients they will get that are being forced to pay them. They will be even richer than they are now! And you will still be even more poorer than you are now.

If the environment we lived in was not part of what makes us ill, I could maybe understand this law. But it is not like that. Many get sick from cancers and other diseases b/c it is all around us. So they make us sick then expect us to pay for our care. It is a fuckin' scam. Like any of us can control getting cancer.

And do not think they know what makes us sick. For years they said there was no virus that could cause cancer and in the last 5 years we learned this is just not true. So they do not know. Modern medicine is not advanced. It still is very barbaric even though we have made many accomplishments in medicine.

It truly is becoming a country where only those with money will have an existence and life worth even living. And that is the top 1 percent in this country. 1 percent control the rest of the population and we allow it to continue?

When a few control a countries wealth, this creates poverty.....when a countries rich distribute the wealth, this is prosperity for the people of that country.

This is what capitalism breeds and creates. Greed that will hurt millions so that a select few can wear 24k gold bathrobes and shit in a diamond toilet.

Any system in any country that oppresses a people and controls them, even with money, is not a true free society...................................

They already took money for bailouts for the richest companies in the world. ow they will want even more money.

And if a company is too big to fail, this means they are a monopoly.

How anyone still believes them, Wall Street or any corporation, amazes me......

Wake up America. It is not a conspiracy to take control of the world with Free Masons to create a New World Order. It is about making the richest people richer. That is it....no big conspiracy. They want slaves and have them. And we as Americans, allow it.

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