Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Message from God......................

"...believing in something because you're afraid of the consequences, is no reason to believe in anything at all..." - Fear based religions are not the product of an all loving God.

Creator of the universe and blah, blah, know the story.

What I do want to state about who I am is the fact that none of you are special to me. I feel the same for one of you that I do for the rest of you. There is no holy land also. The entire planet is the holy land.

What else do you want to know? I don't condemn. I don't judge. I offer love and to Me, you are my ultimate creations!

I only want you to stop hurting each other and judging so superficially. I want you to love and not live in fear. I gave you free will though. I gave you free will to experience the world and become who you really are.

Many of you believe I wrote the bible. That I dictated absolute truth to Moses and the prophets. Yes, I did inspire these individuals. Inspiration is much different than dictation though. I no more inspired them to the creation of this book, than I inspire you to create in your own life. My inspiration alone is not enough to lay a foundation for absolute truth. Free will is a gift to every man and woman on this planet and it is not my place to dictate this gift. The bible was written by men with free will who were inspired by Me.

Did you know that many books were left out of the Holy Bible when it was created? Did you know there are many other ancient scriptures speaking of Christ and events during his life. The Nag Hammadi Library are thought to be primarily Gnostic in origin, while the Apocrypha are the books that did not make the Council of Nicea's cut for the final edit of the Bible when Rome adopted Christianity for it's own faith.

All I ask is that before you decide that one book is My absolute truth, please read all the other holy books and scriptures. Then decide on your truth. Knowledge is power.

I want you to have a better understanding of who I am. I want you to know that what you have learned should be questioned. You have that right. I think no less of you no matter what you believe.

If truth is what you seek, then truth is what you shall find.


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