Monday, January 03, 2011

Arctic Blasts to Tropical Warmth

The jet-stream is bouncing around the planet like a fish out of water. “A major shift in the jet stream will rout the cold air in the East as the year winds down and 2011 approaches. A forecast dip in the jet stream will drive cold air southward into the West from midweek on. Just like a seesaw, warmer air will spring northward in the East.

Things will get sloppy in areas with deep snow cover later this week, as the deep snowpack and mountains of piled snow melt. Temperatures are forecast to surge into the 30s, 40s and even the 50s in areas that have snow cover now or are dealing with harsh winds and blowing snow. The warmth will expand from the southern Plains and ride northeastward on southwesterly winds in the wake of high pressure.

The warm-up will be so extensive that the next storm forecast to swing through the Midwest, South and Northeast is likely to bring rain, rather than snow, to most areas during the New Year’s weekend.” - Accuweather

But nothing is wrong with our environment.....

December Weather Records Smashed Across the Globe
  • Atlanta has its first snow on Christmas since 1882.
  • Columbia, Sc has its first snow on Christmas since 1887.
  • Syracuse, NY hit with the snowiest December in history.
  • Ireland experiences its coldest temperatures since records were kept.
  • Alabama sees its heaviest snowfall in history.
  • Minnesota’s twin cities experiences their snowiest December in history.
  • Wisconsin sees its heaviest snowfall in history.
  • New Jersey sees its heaviest December snowfall since records began.
  • Northern Siberia records record temperatures of -60 C (-75 F).
  • China sees its lowest temperatures in 30 years.
  • Sweden records its coldest winter in 110 years.
  • Berlin sees greatest December snowfall in 110 years.
  • Southern California received its highest December rainfall totals in history.
  • Vancouver Island records a record 3 meters of snow in three days.
  • December snowfall records were broken in 18 U.S. states.
  • Brisbane Australia has its wettest December in 150 years.
  • Colombia has its rainest December in its history.

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