Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birds Fall Out of the Sky in Sweden?

A strange incident has occurred. Dead birds have fallen from the sky in Sweden. The mass death of birds has reached Sweden. The U.S. has already dropped thousands of dead birds from the sky.

"I thought immediately that there must be a connection", said Drilon Hulaj, 23, who discovered hundreds of dead birds in the middle of the street in Falkirk last night…And now, the mass death reached Sweden.

In the United States this began when the birds fell from the dark night sky at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Researchers thought they may have rushed to death by fireworks. The road near the incident was sectioned off.

There were about 100 dead or nearly dead birds, “says Andreas Wedebrand, internal officers of the police in Skövde.

The police contacted the County Board, the municipality and Räddningsstjänsten, who decided to cordon off the road. This morning police shoveled away the dead birds after a district veterinary been in place, picking up five for further tests.”

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