Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember, Remember the Eleventh of September

I hope people remember this day for the right reasons. Let's remember how the Republicans used this day to gain more control over you. After this event, Bush had the world's sympathy and what did he do? Invade a country that had nothing to do with 911.

The Republicans USED 911 for their own agenda. They used the deaths of thousands Americans to justify war and to justify their right to spy on us.

The Republicans thought Americans would be more scared than we were. They thought 911 was enough to usher in their way which would have locked this country down like it was a prison. They did not expect Americans to come together as one. It really hurt what they wanted to do. What you have seen from them is nothing like they wanted. They wanted martial law. It was not enough of a scare to get that.

So just as we did 7 years ago, in November we must unify again. This time to speak up and say we have had enough of the last 8 years of lies and deception from the White House. We have had enough of them taking our rights and trying to kill the middle class.

Let's not forget not only the Americans who died this day, but also how those who were in charge, responded to this day. Remember how they have tried to change our society for their own benefit...


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Anonymous said...

it wasn't just the republicans.... let go of your political biases and you will realize that there are dirty bastards on all 'sides' of the political spectrum