Sunday, September 14, 2008

Say NO to Higher Cigarette Taxes!

Congress is once again considering a $35 billion expansion of the SCHIP health program funded by a 156% cigarette tax increase. This legislation places an unfair burden on adult smokers. In difficult economic times like these, raising taxes just doesn’t make sense!

State and Federal cigarette taxes have been raised 88 times since the year 2000. Increasing the average price of cigarettes 93% a pack since 1999.

Let Congress know targeting smokers with a $6.10 a carton tax hike is going to far!

Call 1-866-527-4494

Why can't they tax something that everyone uses, like toilet paper? Can you imagine cigarettes becoming so expensive that people begin to rob & steal for them? They are a drug and people rob, steal and even kill for drugs every day.

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