Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stepping Beyond

As human beings, we judge things to superficially. We actually make big deals out of things that are not that of a big of a deal. Individuals get angry at others for the way that person may believe. Why? It is not your life. Why should you be concerned with their being?

This behavior is found all throughout the human race in many forms and at many different extremes. Some actually murder other beings, take their life force, because they do not agree with them.

Why are we so concerned about everyone else but ourselves? Are we afraid to look at ourselves?

As beings with free will, we must stand up for personal freedoms. No one should be allowed to tell you what you can and cannot do to yourself, as long as you hurt no one else.

If an alcoholic has the right to drink, a pot head should have the right to smoke. Our one rule for one group of individuals and one rule for the others needs to change. Alcohol is involved in 7 out of 10 felonies committed and it is a legal substance. Why isn't alcohol scrutinized like marijuana? Why is a substance that is proven to be deadly legal and marijuana is not? Have you ever wondered why?

This is one example of many issues that are at the core of our problems in this country. The right wing conservatives want to control and only get richer with each new law put in to effect. Laws that protect and benefit the corporations who fund their campaigns.

When are we as a people going to evolve and make our voice known? When will we stand up and say, "We are not taking this crap anymore!"? When will we as a people step beyond our backgrounds, races, religions, beliefs and unite for the good of the world? We cannot allow the ones in power destroy what is ours also...

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