Thursday, August 28, 2008

Federal Evacuation Plan for New Orleans

1. We know you are low income and treasure what little things you do own. So please leave it all behind when you leave. We will make sure to protect your property like we did last time.

2. Any low income families who need a ride out of town; we will supply you with a way out of town. You will not have a say where you go, nor will we provide a way back for you. Hopefully you will not come back, b/c you are poor and spend no money in our ever growing tourist industry.

3. Any low income families who have pets. Please leave your pets in your home. We will pick them up and adopt them out to new families. You are poor, why do you have animals anyways?

4. If you do not leave and we find you when we begin our door to door search of homes, we will arrest you, take any weapons you have and place you on a bus out of town.

5. We will provide no shelters of last resort. You are screwed if your house floods. We will come and rescue you, but you will have no say where we send you. Just sit on your roof for 5 days. We will be along shortly.

This is a message from FEMA and the Federal Government..........

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