Friday, August 29, 2008

My Thoughts on Gustav

New Orleans wants the world to think we are storng and that we are ready for Gustav. We are not. Like everything in this world. We lost balance. For Katrina, not enough was done, so this time they are starting way early to prepare for something that they do not even know where it is going.

If you think they can predict these storms, time for some reminders. They were hundreds of miles off for Katrina. It was suppose to hit the pan handle of Florida. George in 99, turned at the last minute on our coast and hit MS. Ivan turned and hit MS.

Every storm they have told us to leave for turns. I guess you can say better safe than sorry right? No, what about the people here who do not have money to evacuate for every storm? State evacuation?

You do know that if you allow the state to evacuate you, you have no say where you are going and they do not supply a ride back? Right? So how many you think are leaving? I know I would not, cuz they will take your things out your home and let someone else move in. So how is that even helping the community and I know this b/c it is what they did last time. There is still people who can't come home b/c there is nothing to come home too. And this is not from Katrina. This is from officials moving people out of town, then they lose their home b/c they have no way back. It is more of a plan to just get the poor people out of town for good! Wake the fuck up!

They cried wolf many times, and this time they claiming they know. They do not. So while they show the world New Orleans is ready, just remember a lot of this is just show after what they did last time.

Remember, New Orleans survived the storm. It was man's mistake that let those levees fail and destroyed our great city. So fuck them people and their authority. They do not know shit............

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