Sunday, August 31, 2008

Final Thoughts As Gustav Approaches......................

Life is just bullshit. I don't understand. I am so angry. My entire existence has been bullshit. I survived one of the biggest disasters in my city to see a even possible bigger disaster?

I barely slept. I am so tired right now because I have been watching the storm. It will not move to the east nor just keeps up that path directly at New Orleans. It feels like this storm wants to finish what Katrina did not.

As if New Orleans has not been through enough. As if the people have not been through enough. It just makes no sense why this is happening again!

I am thinking of moving after this out west. I rather earthquakes than this every few years. The storms are more frequent and stronger than they used to be. I grew up here and you can Google hurricanes from the 80's & 90's and see that we have not ever seen seasons like this.

Climate change? I think so, but many people believe in no such thing. Even though weather is setting precedents all over the world, people still deny that something is wrong with our world. There is even weathermen who report this messed up weather everyday and they do not see anything is wrong.

I have lived in New Orleans my whole life. We have seen many things that show something is wrong. Just a year or so ago, we had a tornado go from the west bank of the river to the east. It traveled for miles and jumped over the river. It went across town, across two parishes. I have been here my whole life and NEVER seen a tornado touch down. So how did we have one move across the town? I ask locals after that thunderstorm, "You are from here, when was the last time you saw a tornado wreck havoc from one side of the river to the other?". Their answer is always, "never".....

I am not worried about storm surge. I am in a high area. I live by the river, but the wind is worrying me. 150 mph sustained winds will rip my roof off. My house was built like almost 60 to 80 years ago.....I will be taking refuge in a school that is next to my home. Its 2 story brick building and very safe. So my safety will be ok. It is the aftermath that is gonna be so horrible.

I am so angry at our politicians in this country. The Republicans actually are still going to be having a party for John McCain this week while some of it's own people are being tested in the country. Then what blows my mind is he picked a VP that does not believe in climate change, That is why these storms are more frequent and stronger than ever? Every storm almost sets records. Not every hurricane is suppose to set records. Something is terribly wrong.

Not only does his VP not believe in climate change, but she is the Governor of Alaska. Where have the big oil companies who are part of the problem with climate change been wanting to drill for years? Alaska! You think that is coincidence that she was chosen? Big oil chose her for McCain. McCain probably had no say on the choice since big oil has donated millions to his campaign.

On a side note about McCain's VP pick, she does not believe the polar bears are endangered. This is not true. They are very endangered. The ice they use to land on during long swims is melting away. They are finding many who are drowning to death b/c they have no ice to climb on to.

So back to the storm. I have food, got water, filled my jugs, have my kerosene burners to cook and am now picking up anything that may become a projectile. Wish me luck......

I will lose power. The last time we were without power for 21 days. So no one will prob hear from me for a minute. Truthfully, lately I have been living in a depressed state. I have been real bitter and aggravated a lot. I haven't really felt creative with my music either. Maybe this is what I need. Something like Katrina to make me realize that there's more to live for then these moods where I drown in my own self pity.

Be safe...

Dan the Man

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