Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton at the DNC

Time to unite and vote for Obama. If you were for Hillary and now want to vote for McCain b/c your candidate did not get the nomination, you are out of your mind. Why would you vote for someone that will be more of the same shit we have seen the last 8 years? Why would you vote for someone that holds none of your interests close to their platform? Has the last 8 years not been bad enough? Maybe gas isn't high enough yet for ya. Or maybe you got 7 houses like McCain you can just mortgage........

If you are basing your vote on the color of skin of this man, then your mind is small and narrow! Just a reminder though for ya, you are being racist toward your own race b/c Obama is half white. So you are being a racist not only toward black people, but white people also. Because his white mother chose to have a child with a black man, you will hold it against him? Like you can control you were born fully white. You could have been born a black person just as easy and be one of the ones judged based on their color of skin, and not the content of your character.

If you want to lose more rights, spend more money you don't have on gas and medical expenses and possibly lose your home, then vote for McCain. You will get exactly what you deserve.

To me, it really does not matter who wins. I cannot even vote. I lost that right b/c I committed the crime of possessing marijuana. I do not take part in your moronic society. I do not own a car or buy gas. I do not have a cell phone. I live on bare necessities. I do not even work, so I pay no taxes. But, I care enough about this country to try and educate you to make the right decision. I endure pain almost everyday of my life from the ignorance in this country. Something most Americans would never do....."You mean worry about the place I live?"

Maybe you should look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and ask yourself what really matters to you...

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