Monday, August 18, 2008

Oprah Speaks Some Truth

And some of her audience has a narrow mind and cannot fathom what she is saying. Just weak small minds. Look how desperate they are to defend this religion, not out of love, but the fear of being sent to hell for all of eternity.

Oprah is right. There is not just one path anymore. We live in a diverse world of colors and you cannot just see the world in black & white anymore. If both paths are morally the same, and the end result is good, no matter what you call it, then that is fine.

Now if you believe that you must step in to the darkness or act evil to get across your belief in what God wants, then you have lost the battle already. Your deed will have consequences even if you are doing it for some greater good.

This entire world is built on balance. We lose sight of this constantly. All drugs are bad, no discussion. All gays are evil, no discussion. All those who speak out against the government are know the story...

I love how Obama killed the Pastor Saturday night when he was asked about abortion. He said, "I am pro choice, but that does not mean I am pro abortion. He did not allow that judgemental thought process of seeing the issue in black & white even fall on his lap. You can be reasonable with issues if you open your mind and see all the facts.

You have the Internet. Google what you are after and then read ALL sides of the subject. Do not form your opinion on such grave matters as our existence on things taught to you by other sheep.

It is time for people to wake up to the control that religion and governments have been exerting on the people for thousands of years.....

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ore said...

sup dan, just read ur post and in my opion it's not reliogon but how man has twisted religion to control others. The bible does not say that gays are evil, you can be gay and not partake in homosexual behavior, case in point who is the sinner the straight dude who partakes in premarital sex or the gay dude who does not partake in sex. Thier are some churches who use sin as a way to control thier congregation but if you u read the bible we are all sinners saved by grace. u cant get to heaven thru insincere acts of faith but thru belief that jesus christ is the way, plain and simple. and to make another point like both political parties, the churchs message has become muddled and lost.