Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Some Thoughts.........

We know from the medical community that everyone of us is different. Each of our bodies chemistry is uniquely different. What may not hurt one person, may kill the next. It is why there is so many side effects listed in these drug commercials.

So if we have a basic understanding that each one of us is different. Why do we expect everyone to think and behave the same?

Or better yet, why has the medical community ignored this basic fact and pumped your children with mind altering drugs to make them all act and think the same?

Why as parents do you allow it?

I was one of those children. I could not sit still (what child can?). I was different. I did not appreciate authority ever. I hated being forced to do things I did not want to do. I did not understand the world and what I was being taught as reality. I questioned everything, which in our society, you soon find out is a bad thing. I wanted to know how it all worked and if I could take it apart and see how it worked.

Now, is this the mind of a crazy child or a curious one wanting to learn about the world he lives in?

Well those around me (parent figures) thought something was wrong with me. So much so that my mother placed in me in a psychiatric hospital. I spent 2 years of my teen-hood in this hospital.

For years, instead of knowing I was just different, they tried to fix me. They tried what seemed like a hundred different counselors and doctors. They even tried medication which I never took. Instead of just seeing that maybe I thought different for a reason, they tried to make me like everyone else.

What is funny, is today I am even more of an outcast from society. I have done nothing that society expects of you, like a job and marriage. I just don't believe in all that crap. I know I am an individual and don't need all the human traditions to tell me I am human.

All I ever have wanted was the truth, but the older I get, the more I learned I got everything but the truth about the world I lived in. Most of life is filled with lies. Lies of what other people want you to believe the world is about. It is why they wanted to change me. I was not falling for their lies. I knew there was more facts that I had to find on my own.

So here I am at 37 wondering wtf is wrong with the world. Still to this day I question everything and know that the world is falling to shit because most people do not question everything. They except life "as is". Considering you were not asked if you wanted to be born, I do not understand why you would live how they expect. Most of the rules, what they claim is real and the such is just bullshit someone made up in their own human mind. These people have ulterior motives for what they expect you to believe. All of them do.....there is nothing different from them and you. You both have the same fears. They just arrived before you and feel they have the right to control you.

It is up to you to resist...

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